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Biatain Alginate can be used on all moderate to heavily exuding partial to full thickness wounds, including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, donor sites. Biatain Alginate should not be used on dry or lightly exuding wounds or to control heavy bleeding.

Biatain Alginate is a highly absorbent alginate dressing for moderately to heavily exuding wounds of any size, shape and depth. Superior absorption compared to other alginate and hydrofiber dressings (4)

Ideal for cavity filling

The design and structural integrity of the dressing allow you to cut the dressing to fit to any size, shape or depth of a wound. The dressing will conform to the wound bed which is important for the wound healing process.

Unique dressing integrity

The unique dressing integrity allows for one-piece removal.

Minimal risk of leakage and maceration

The superior absorption of Biatain Alginate Ag and the gel formation which locks exudate inside the gel prevent leakage that can cause maceration of the surrounding skin.


Mode of action

On contact with wound exudate Biatain Alginate converts to a soft, cohesive gel that provides an optimal moist wound healing environment.

Product composition

Biatain Alginate is an alginate dressing consisting of 85% calcium alginate and 15% carboxymethylcellulose (CMC).


Product codes

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Product codes

Product name Product number Area size HCPCS Code Eaches/Box
Biatain® Alginate 3705 2 x 2'' | 5x5 cm A6196 30
Biatain® Alginate 3710 4 x 4'' | 10x10 cm A6196 10
Biatain® Alginate 3715 6 x 6'' | 15x15 cm A6197 10
Biatain® Alginate 3740 1 x 17 1/2'' | 3x44 cm A6199 6

Alternatives and accessories

Biatain® Alginate Ag Dressing

Biatain® Alginate Ag Dressing

Biatain® Alginate Ag
– absorption for sloughy wounds and cavity filling for wounds at-risk of infection. Ideal for cavity filling. Patented silver complex with broad antimicrobial profile. Unique dressing integrity. Minimal risk of leakage and maceration. Documented haemostatic effect.

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