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SpeediCath® sets the standard for quality catheters with innovative and compact solutions  in a range of models and sizes for men and women.

One of the main values at Coloplast is closeness…to better understand.  By building relationships and listening to our consumers we’re able to better understand their needs, and respond by finding new ways to do things better together.  We understand the importance that finding the product that fits your needs. The right product should help you manage your symptoms, but not restrict you or limit you from certain activities or living the lifestyle you want. Our products are designed with that in mind. We offer a wide range of product solutions that make managing your symptoms easier and more convenient. 

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Please note that intermittent catheters are a prescription product.  If you're requesting a sample of an intermittent catheter we require verification of a valid intermittent catheter prescription before we can send samples.   

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SpeediCath Catheters are indicated for use by patients with chronic urine retention and patients with a post void residual volume (PVR) due to neurogenic and non-neurogenic voiding dysfunction. The catheter is inserted into the urethra to reach the bladder allowing urine to drain.  This single use catheter is prescribed by your physician so consult your physician prior to performing self-catheterization and follow the instructions.


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