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Online Learning with Continuing Education Contact Hours

Online Learning with Continuing Education Contact Hours

Coloplast Online Learning is an educational program for healthcare professionals working in the continence clinical space. The program aims to expand knowledge of the continence clinical space and improve treatments around the world. It is part of our ongoing dedication to education. Click here to learn more

Online Learning - Continence

Clean Intermittent Catheterization – 1 CE credit

Learning Objectives

-List in order the primary organs of the Genitourinary (GU) System

-Name the two main functions of the GU System

-List two types of intermittent catheters available for CIC

-List the 3 different classifications intermittent catheters

-Define urinary incontinence and urinary retention

-List the step-by-step clean intermittent catheterization for both males and females


Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections – 1 CE credit

Learning Objectives:

-Discuss the regulatory and clinical guidelines related to the problem of      catheter associated urinary tract infections

-List 3 preventive strategies that may help reduce the risk of developing a catheter associated urinary tract infection

-Describe alternative solutions to an indwelling urinary catheter


Male Bladder Management – 1 CE credit

-Discuss the basics in relation to:

*The male urinary & reproductive system

*The prostate gland & its function

-List 3 main prostate conditions: Prostatitis, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) & Prostate Cancer

-Describe in relation to BPH the following:

*What it is

*Causes / risk factors

*Frequency of occurrence & symptoms

*When to seek medical attention

*Testing for & diagnosing BPH

*Treatment options & methods of management


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