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Product description

Coloplast prep barrier wipe protects the skin around the stoma from adhesive trauma, friction and irritation from output from the stoma.

For protection of peristomal skin

  • Protects skin with a clear yet visible shield that dries quickly and allows the skin to breathe
  • Improves contact between the skin and adhesive - enabling better adhesion
  • No need to remove between applications, and is waterproof, odorless and fast-drying

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Product codes

Product name Item Number Product number HCPCS Code Eaches/Box
Prep™ barrier wipe 2041 A5120 54
Coloplast Prep 609250 12

Alternatives and accessories

Brava® Skin Barrier

Sting-free skin protection from output and adhesives

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Brava® elastic barrier strips

Prevents the edges of the barrier from rolling and lifting, securing the position of the barrier

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Prep™ barrier wipe

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