6 Simple steps to take care of your skin as an ostomate

1. Keep your skin clean and dry

Make sure your skin is clean and completely dry before you apply the barrier to your skin. You can use water and tissue for this. Brava® Skin Cleanser wipes can be used as a substitute for water to clean the skin at home or on the go.

2. Cut carefully

The hole in the barrier should fit your ostomy exactly.

3. Measure and check often

It’s quite normal that the form of the stoma and the form of the area around the stoma change over time. If you have a hernia the form is even more likely to vary or change. Therefore it is really important to regularly check if your cutting template is the right size and shape for your stoma.

4. Make it stick

Use your fingers to apply pressure to the baseplate on the abdomen and ensure fast adhesion and a perfect fit be between the adhesive and the skin around the stoma. Begin in the area around the stoma. Run a finger all the way around the stoma and press the adhesive to the skin. Continue to smooth the adhesive down, moving outwards from the stoma to the edges. This will ensure the adhesive has made full contact with the skin.

5. Change when in doubt

Change your pouching system if you feel a sense of discomfort or itching. Make it a habit to change before feeling discomfort.

6. Check every time

When you remove your pouch from your skin, check the condition of your skin and backside of the barrier. If you see signs of skin irritation, output or if the adhesive is eroded, there are three important things to consider: Did you wear the adhesive too long? Did you apply the adhesive incorrectly? Did you use the most appropriate type of adhesive? 

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Questions & answers

How many wipes are there in a pack?
Brava® Skin Cleanser is sold in packages containing 15 each and the package has a re-sealable label.

What makes the Brava® Skin Cleanser skin friendly?
Brava® Skin Cleanser does not contain alcohol, perfume, parabens, and has the same pH as skin. Most importantly, it includes provitamin B5, which has a well-documented effect on skin.

Can't I just use other wipes which can be bought in the super market?
The wipes you find at the super market can possibly clean well and moisturize the skin, but they are not developed especially for Ostomy and Continence Care. Thus, they may contain oil that can compromise the adhesion of the ostomy and continence appliance. Brava® Skin Cleanser is especially designed for Ostomy and Continence Care, meaning it does not compromise the adhesion of the appliance. Moreover, it contains provitamin B5, which helps maintain healthy skin.

Does Brava® Skin Cleanser leave any residue?
No, Brava® Skin Cleanser does not leave any residue that can affect adhesion. The provitamin B5 is absorbed by the skin.

Try the Trouble Shooter Try the Trouble Shooter When you have a stoma it’s not unusual to experience issues such as leakage and irritated skin. However, most often they can be solved with little adjustments in your products and changing habits. The three self-assessment tools above will support you in finding the solution that is right for you. Find the right product

Bodies are different – so are stoma appliances

After a stoma operation, your body profile may change for a number of reasons. These may include:

  • Weight gain or loss as you recover from the illness that caused the operation
  • Folds or scarring of the skin around your stoma
  • Hernia development connected to your stoma

If your body profile changes, it’s important that you make sure your stoma pouch still fits snugly.

Find the right product
A tight seal between the appliance and your skin is essential to good stoma care. If, for example, the area around your stoma changes from being regular to being more inwards, it may be time to switch to a convex appliance. You may also need to use additional supporting products.

Our online self-assessment tool, BodyCheck, will help you figure out your current body profile and whether your body has changed significantly. It has suggestions for the right appliances and supporting products for you.

Try the online Trouble Shooter tool which provides advice and recommends relevant supporting products to help you solve common ostomy issues.

It’s always a good idea to consult with your stoma care nurse about how your appliance fits and which accessories might work for you.


A SenSura Mio for every type of ostomy and body profile

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