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Online Learning with CE Credits

Online Learning with CE Credits

Coloplast Online Learning is an educational program for healthcare professionals working in the Ostomy clinical space. The program aims to expand knowledge of the Ostomy clinical space and improve treatments around the world. It is part of our ongoing dedication to education. Click here to learn more

Online Classes

Ostomy Basics:  Pre & post-operative management – 1 CE Credit

Learning Objectives:

-Describe the anatomy and physiology of the gastrointestinal tract

-List the components of the urinary tract

-Discuss topics to include during the pre-operative and post-operative teaching period

-List the characteristics and management considerations for an ileostomy, colostomy & urostomy


Ostomy Challenges:  Beyond the Basics– 1 CE Credit

Learning Objectives:

-Define peristomal moisture-associated skin damage

-List 2 types of medical adhesive related skin injuries

-Give 2 reasons the location of a stoma may make management of an ostomy more difficult


The Patient with an Ostomy:  Stoma and Peristomal Challenges– 1 CE Credit

Learning Objectives:

-Name four stoma challenges

-List four management strategies for stoma challenges

-Name four peristomal challenges

-List four management strategies for peristomal challenges


Please contact Coloplast Academy at CProfessional_US@coloplast.com for more information on Ostomy Online Learning.

Live-learning Presentations

Live-learning Presentations

Interactive Education Programs
• Facilitator-led courses on a variety of ostomy care topics provide live interactive learning experiences.

Expert Education Programs
• Expert leaders in Ostomy share first-hand accounts of difficult clinical concerns and options for care and increased patient satisfaction.
• Please note that CE credits are not provided.

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Live Learning Webinars

How to do Basic Pouching


Objective: During this webinar attendees, will learn what is needed for a pouch change, the removal of an ostomy pouch, the importance of stoma measurement, and discuss steps related to applying a new pouch.

Dates offered:
Wednesday, May 30 at 12 pm CST
Wednesday, May 30 at 5 pm CST



Selecting the Right Ostomy Pouch


Objective: During this webinar attendees will learn different types of ostomy pouching system and an overview of when to use what type of pouching system

Dates Offered:
Thursday, May 31 at 10 am CST
Thursday, May 31 at 3 pm CST


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