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Restorelle® DirectFix Anterior Mesh products incorporate Smartmesh® technology in a customized shape specifically for pelvic floor repair procedures. Smartmesh – a physiologically compatible, ultra-lightweight mesh.

Smartmesh technology provides long-term strength while maintaining vaginal elasticity of natural tissue. The mesh intended to be non-palpable to the patient and her partner. This mesh was designed by a surgeon, specifically with a woman’s anatomy and tissue healing requirements in mind.

Restorelle DirectFix Anterior Mesh is indicated for transvaginal anterior repair. DirectFix mesh is designed for flexibility and directional pull where you need it. Mesh is designed not to fray when customizing to the patients’ body and defect and provides full support.

Restorelle Smartmesh®

  • Low incidence of de novo dyspareunia (cf. 1, 3)
  • Vaginal elasticity maintained (cf. 5)
  • Non-palpable to patient and partner (cf. 3, 5)

Stage of Prolapse:

For mild, moderate, and severe prolapse

Preference and Approach:

Single incision fixation

Fixation Method:

Digitex® suture delivery system.


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