Restorelle® Y
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Product description

Restorelle® products incorporate Smartmesh® technology in a full array of customized shapes and flat grafts specifically for sacrocolpopexy procedures. 

Restorelle® Smartmesh®

  • 93.5% clinical cure rate (cf. 1)
  • Vaginal elasticity maintained (cf. 5)
  • Non-palpable to patient and partner (cf. 5)
  • Significant bowel function improvement (cf. 4, 5)

It is the first mesh designed by a surgeon, specifically with a woman’s anatomy and tissue healing requirements in mind.

Surgical Handling and Orientation Ease

  • Easily view anatomical landmarks and suture positioning
  • Low mesh memory fits through ports and easily rolls and unrolls to assess placement
  • Provides procedural efficiency during surgery without having to stitch, lift up mesh
  • Large 1.8 mm macropores enable suturing without needles
  • Tailored uni-directional design maintains structural integrity from the sacrum to the vagina
  • No rough edges or weak seams

It is available in two sizes: 24cm x 4cm and 27cm x 4cm.


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Product codes

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Product codes

Product name Item Number CCode Size Eaches/Box
Restorelle® Y 501420 C1781 24 x 4 cm 1
Restorelle® Y 501430 C1781 27 x 4 cm 1
Restorelle® Y Contour 501520 C1781 24 x 3 cm 1

Alternatives and accessories

Restorelle® Flat Mesh

Restorelle® Flat Mesh

Restorelle® M and XL offer flat grafts that can be customized specifically for sacrocolpopexy procedures.

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Restorelle® L

Restorelle® L

Restorelle® L is a customizable synthetic mesh.

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