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Product description

With SenSura 1-piece closed, the SenSura double-layer adhesive is permanently attached to the pouch. To change the pouch, the whole appliance is removed and replaced at once.

SenSura double-layer adhesive, for security and skin care

The unique SenSura adhesive has two layers, designed to deliver the security needed to live every day with confidence:

  • Protection layer - protects the skin from stoma output
  • Skin care layer - keeps skin healthy by absorbing excess moisture

A comfortable and discreet pouch

SenSura 1-piece closed has a range of features designed to offer comfort and discretion:
  • Integrated filter - neutralizes odor and avoids the risk of the pouch "ballooning", causing unnecessary bulges
  • Removal tab - makes it easy to remove the adhesive without leaving residue on the skin, allowing for more comfortable pouch changes
  • Soft backing fabric - strong and water-repellent, allowing for easy drying after a shower or a dip in the pool



Product codes

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Product codes

Product name Product number Barrier type Pouch size Stoma size Opening type Convexity Belt tabs Color Filter HCPCS Code Eaches/Box
SenSura® 1-piece closed 15480 Standard Maxi (8 1/2'' / 550 mL) Ø 10-76 mm | 3/8 - 3'' Cut-to-fit Flat No Opaque Yes A4416 30
SenSura® 1-piece closed 15484 Standard Maxi (8 1/2'' / 550 mL) Ø 35 mm | 1 3/8'' Pre-cut Flat No Opaque Yes A4416 30

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