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Product description

T-sling is a universal sling made of monofilament polypropylene and has protective sheaths to facilitate passage through the tissue and pre-assembled ring sutures for immediate insertion into the the introducer needle.


  • Universal quick-connect system eliminates connectors
  • Tapered dilating tip creates smooth passage through fascial structures
  • Large-pore polypropylene mesh facilitates tissue integration and healing
  • Low elasticity sling allows for ease of tensioning

Reusable Introducers

  • Cost saving with reusable introducers
  • Made from surgical stainless steel
  • Approaches: suprapubic, transobturator helical or flat curve introducers

Product codes

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Product codes

Product name Item Number CCode Eaches/Box
Flat Curve Reusable Introducer 519440 1
T-Sling® Universal Sling 519400 C1771 2
Helical Reusable Introducers 519450 1
Suprapubic Reusable Introducer 519460 1
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