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The Assura 2-piece ileo night drainage bag fits Assura and SenSura Click barriers. It offers people with an ileostomy a solution for night drainage; its long, anti-kink neck allows for movement in bed during the night, while it can collect up to two liters of output from the stoma.

For a comfortable night's’ rest

  • Long neck - allows for movement in bed during the night, while a transparent, anti-kink tube within the neck minimizes the impact of twisting during the night and ensures that air can pass onward to the collection bag.
  • Volume indicator - makes it easier to tell how much the bag contains.
  • Long drainage tube - makes it easier to control emptying, and a clamp is used to close the outlet.

Spiral adhesive, for security and skin-friendliness

The Assura spiral adhesive is a combination of materials designed for security and protection in a spiral structure, for:
  • Secure adherence to your skin
  • Absorption of moisture from your skin - providing skin-friendliness and protection from irritation

Assura extended wear adhesive offers extra protection against aggressive output. It is especially suitable for people with a urostomy, which tends to have more aggressive output that can breaks down standard adhesives more quickly.

Convexity, for stomas that are difficult to manage

Assura 2-piece ileo night drainage is available with two different levels of convexity, designed to help a stoma that is difficult to manage: for example, a stoma that is flush, retracted, or located in a skin fold. It applies pressure on the peristomal skin to reduce the risk of leakage by allowing the stoma to protrude.

Convex light:
A solution for flush or slightly retracted stomas, providing extra security through light and delicate pressure on the abdomen.

A solution for retracted stomas and deep skin folds and scars, providing extra security through moderate to high pressure on the abdomen.

Ask your ostomy nurse for more information about convexity.


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Product codes

Product name Product number Pouch size Color Coupling size HCPCS Code Outlet type Eaches/Box
Assura® 2-piece night drainage bag 2836 2 L Opaque Red A4413 Spout outlet 5
Assura® 2-piece night drainage bag 2837 2 L Opaque Blue A4413 Spout outlet 5

Alternatives and accessories

Assura® 2-piece barrier

Assura® 2-piece barrier

Mechanical coupling with an audible click for extra reassurance.

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Assura® 2-piece ileo night drainage bag

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