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Product description

Irrigation creates security and freedom for people with a sigmoid colostomy, enabling a regular, controlled bowel movement. 

Assura sleeve

  • Disposable 
  • Adhesive-backed

After irrigating, an Assura Minicap or SenSura or Assura closed pouch is recommended.

Irrigation should not be self-administered before you have been fully instructed by a doctor or nurse.


Product codes

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Product codes

Product name Product number Coupling size HCPCS Code Eaches/Box
Assura® sleeve 1003 A4397 10
Assura® sleeve 12835 Red A4397 5
Assura® sleeve 12836 Blue A4397 5
Assura® sleeve 12834 Green A4397 5

Alternatives and accessories

SenSura® Click barrier

Mechanical coupling with an audible click for extra reassurance.

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Assura® 2-piece stoma cap

A solution for colostomy for occasions when more discretion is required, or after irrigation.

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