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Product description

Coloplast urostomy minicap offers ultimate discretion during active or intimate moments. 

Small and discreet, the minicap can hold up to 100ml of urine, typically giving up to an hour of secure and trouble-free use.

For ultimate discretion

  • Ultra-absorbent material inside - can hold up to 100ml of urine
  • Small size - making it optimal for intimate use
  • Soft fabric on front - for comfort

The Coloplast urostomy minicap fits with all SenSura Click  and Assura 2-piece barriers.


Product codes

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Product codes

Product name Product number Pouch size Color Coupling size HCPCS Code Eaches/Box
Coloplast® urostomy minicap 2807 100 mL Opaque Green A5055 30
Coloplast® urostomy minicap 2808 100 mL Opaque Red A4414 30

Alternatives and accessories

SenSura® Click barrier

Mechanical coupling with an audible click for extra reassurance.

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Brava® moldable ring

Creates a durable seal between the stoma and the ostomy barrier, thus reducing leakage.

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Brava® elastic barrier strips

Prevents the edges of the barrier from rolling and lifting, securing the position of the barrier

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Brava® Skin Barrier

Sting-free skin protection from output and adhesives

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Coloplast® urostomy minicap

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