Brava® Moldable Ring

“I can do what I want to do. I feel I am protected against leakage.” “I can do what I want to do. I feel I am protected against leakage.” Fabio experienced leakage frequently and subsequently suffered from skin irritation. The Brava® Moldable Ring addressed both his problems. Read Fabio's story

Meet Fabio

Fabio, age 46, lives in the suburbs of Rome and works both as a coordinator in an architect firm and as a language tutor. When necessary he also lends a helping hand in his wife’s shop. ”I live a normal life. I have a wife and kids, and I work. I’m too busy to think about my stoma all the time!”


He has had a stoma for 14 years and although he now feels accustomed to managing his stoma, initially he had some problems. “I had an allergic reaction to the adhesive in the first two brands I used.” This reaction subsided with the third brand he tried, but he still experienced leakage frequently.


Fabio’s leakage problems meant that the skin around his stoma often became irritated. He researched the issue himself. “I looked for a solution and discovered and decided to try the Brava Moldable Ring,” he explains.


Fabio was impressed with the results. “Two words: smart and simple. It made a difference immediately!” he says. “It’s easy to use and it fits snugly. I no longer suffer from skin irritation.”


Fabio feels the secret to dealing with a stoma is attitude, and his confidence in his Brava Moldable Ring helps him to stay positive. He concludes, “I feel I can do what I want to do. You can either focus on and dwell on the problem, or deal with it and get on with life. I’m getting on with life!”


Disclosure: Fabio is a Brava® Moldable Ring user who has received compensation from Coloplast to provide this information. Each person’s situation is unique, so your experience may not be the same. Talk to your ostomy nurse about whether this product is right for you.

Supports leakage reduction

Supports leakage reduction

The Brava Moldable Ring is easily moldable to fit snugly around the stoma and protecting against leakage.

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Supports leakage reduction

The Brava Moldable ring performs a dual action to support leakage reduction


Brava Moldable Ring is easily molded into the required shape, so it fits snugly around the stoma and seals the gap between stoma and barrier. It adheres well to the skin, even over dips, creases and folds.


Brava Moldable Ring helps to keep skin healthy by protecting it against output and absorbing excess moisture from the skin. The ring is designed to resist breakdown. It directs output away from the skin and out into the pouch – which is where it belongs!


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