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Product description

Atrac-Tain® Cream is a moisturizing cream that contains urea and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA).
  • 10% urea and 4% AHA
  • Exfoliates and softens severely dry, cracked, calloused skin
  • Fragrance, dye and preservative-free
  • Clinically proven to help prevent skin dryness which can lead to an increased risk of foot ulcers1
  • CHG compatible


  1. Pham, H.T., Exelbert, L., Segal-Owens, A.C., Veves, A. A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Double-Blind Study of a Moisturizer for Xerosis of the Feet in Patients with Diabetes. OWM 2002; 48(5):30-36.

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Product codes

Product name Product number Eaches/Box Volume Weight
Atrac-Tain® Cream 1802 12 2 oz. 2 oz./57 g
Atrac-Tain® Cream 1843 300 2 g
Atrac-Tain® Cream 1814 12 5 oz. 5 oz./142 g

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