Coloplast Care for Intermittent catheter users

Coloplast Care – The personal support program for intermittent catheter users

Less struggle. More living. Coloplast Care. 

The Care program provides support and direction for intermittent catheter users. Get ideas on how to simplify your intermittent catheterization routine and inspiration for your daily life. Be inspired to relax and feel confident when you travel, return to work, or pick up a favorite hobby again. Through the Care program, you'll have access to free online articles and a team of Care specialists who are able to assist you by phone. 

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Sign up for Coloplast Care

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Sign up for Coloplast Care

Coloplast Care offers a helping hand whenever you need support. 
We provide free tips and tools to take control of issues related to continence care.

Sign up for Coloplast Care and receive:
- Personal relevant news, tips and stories on e-mail 
- Reliable advice online, whenever you need it
- Our team of Care specialists are available by phone
- Access to samples of  products

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The Coloplast Care program gives you…The Coloplast Care program provides...

The Care website gives you access to information, tips and tools at your convenience- at home or when you're on the go. You’ll find information from the basic introductions to available products to information about traveling and socializing.

Care e-mails are full of tips and inspiration directly send to your inbox. You will receive a monthly email with reference to relevant articles based on your interests. The themes will include socializing, traveling, exercising, intimacy issues as well as guides to healthy bladder routines.

Care phone support is here to help you. If you need assistance or personal guidance, our dedicated team of Care specialists are here to help.

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