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Is it a challenge to clean around your stoma when you are on the go?

In situations where access to tap water and/or proper cleaning facilities are limited, it may be a challenge to clean properly around the stoma.


Brava® Skin Cleanser Brava® Skin Cleanser
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IMPORTANT! If you have any concerns – such as skin problems or how to use new products – you should always consult your ostomy nurse.

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  • The skin must be completely clean and dry in order to obtain optimal adhesion. Make sure you use a soft, clean, and dry material to dab the moisture away. 
  • It can be a challenge to keep the skin dry during application if output is continuously coming out of the stoma. It might help to wrap a little gauze around the stoma while changing to absorb output. 

For additional support and advice concerning leakage and skin irritation, please visit the Coloplast® Care site.

Check your ostomy health regularly

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The Ostomy Check helps you stay engaged with your pouching routine, enabling you to check that your skin is still healthy and, if not, seek guidance and advice to get you on the right track. 

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