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Do the edges of the barrier lift or roll up during activities like sports?

Strenuous physical activity or any activity with repetitive movements can result in the barrier loosening and ultimately lead to leakage.


Brava® Belt for SenSura Mio Brava® Belt for SenSura Mio

The Brava belt with four belt hooks is specially designed to work with SenSura Mio. 

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A belt is designed to provide extra security, particularly for someone using a convex barrier. It is used to keep the barrier in place – and pull a convex barrier even closer to the body, allowing the stoma to stick out. This can be particularly helpful if you find it challenging to get a pouching system that fits your body shape.

The Brava Belt for SenSura Mio has four belt hooks, so it provides stable pressure across the entire barrier. It is made of soft, comfortable material in a neutral-gray color that optimizes discretion. A soft, cloth-covered tab won't dig in, and allows you to adjust the belt to fit to your body. Extended size options are available: standard (40 in) and XXL (61 in).

The Brava Belt for SenSura Mio is designed to be attached to a SenSura Mio barrier that has built-in belt tabs - specifically any SenSura Mio Convex product or a SenSura Mio Click barrier (flat or convex). (Note: for any other barrier type, including SenSura or Assura, please use the regular Brava Belt)

Brava® Elastic Barrier Strips – Curved Brava® Elastic Barrier Strips – Curved

Elastic -- so they move with you

The Brava® Elastic Barrier Strip secures the position of the barrier and is elastic so it follows your body shape and movements.

Brava® Elastic Barrier Strip is also available in other shapes to fit other body profiles and types of barriers. 

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The Brava® Elastic Barrier Strip is designed to prevent the edges of the barrier from lifting and rolling and keeps your barrier securely in place. It is elastic so it follows body contours and movements. This can provide greater security and peace of mind that your barrier will stay in place.

They are also skin-friendly as they absorb moisture.

The strips are designed to stick around the edges of your barrier (overlapping onto your skin, like a picture frame around your barrier). You can use either one or two strips, depending on where you need extra security.

IMPORTANT! If you have any concerns – such as skin problems or how to use new products – you should always consult your ostomy nurse.

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  • Consider wearing bike shorts, a sports wrap for ostomy use, or a compression shirt that covers the ostomy when playing sports to help keep your pouch close against your body and prevent the barrier edges from rolling.
  • It may help to change your appliance a couple of hours before doing your physical activity. This way the barrier will have time to seal well to your skin while still being relatively newly changed. 




Check your ostomy health regularly

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The Ostomy Check helps you stay engaged with your pouching routine, enabling you to check that your skin is still healthy and, if not, seek guidance and advice to get you on the right track. 

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