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Do you have irritated or red skin that could be caused by cleaning and/or appliance removal?

The top layer of the skin can be broken down if the barrier is removed roughly or too frequently, or if the skin is cleaned with harsh materials such as a rough sponge or washcloth.


Brava® Adhesive Remover Brava® Adhesive Remover

Sting-free, easy removal of adhesives

The Brava Adhesive Remover is an easy way to remove your barrier and any adhesive on the skin, without compromising the adhesion of your next appliance.

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Adhesive remover is used to make the removal of your appliance easier.

The sting-free Brava Adhesive Remover enables you to remove your barrier and leftover residue easily. It doesn’t contain alcohol, so it doesn’t sting or hurt the skin. It dries within seconds and does not affect further adhesion, leaving you ready to apply a new barrier.

The Brava Adhesive Remover comes in two forms: a spray and a convenient wipe. The gentle spray makes it easy to remove the barrier, while the wipe gently removes adhesive residues left on the skin. The wipe's discreet packaging makes it practical for traveling or use on-the-go.

Issues with leakage, skin irritation or odor? The Brava Online Tool helps you to find the right solution!

Brava® Skin Barrier Brava® Skin Barrier

Sting-free skin protection from output and adhesives

The Brava® Skin Barrier reduces skin problems associated with leakage and adhesives without affecting the adhesion of the barrier. A skin barrier provides a protective layer of film on the skin to protect it from output and adhesives.


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The Brava® Skin Barrier is sting-free and reduces skin problems associated with output and adhesives. It leaves a thin breathable film on the skin, which protects it against potential damage. It dries within seconds and does not build up residue on the skin, leaving you ready to apply a new barrier. It comes in two forms: a spray and a wipe. The wipe's discreet packaging makes it practical for traveling or use on-the-go.


IMPORTANT! If you have any concerns – such as skin problems or how to use new products – you should always consult your ostomy nurse.

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  • If the skin seems damaged around the outer edge of the area normally covered by your barrier, it may help to shift the barrier so it covers a slightly different area of the skin around the stoma each time. This can be done by cutting the stoma opening offset from center, using the starter hole as an outer edge.
  • If you’re still experiencing problems despite following the two above action points, there are less sticky types of adhesives that might help you. Please call Consumer Care at 1-877-858-2656 for further guidance. 

For additional support and advice concerning skin irritation, please visit the Coloplast® Care site.

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Join Coloplast® Care, our personalized support program that offers support and education when you need it, and we will remind you to check on your ostomy health on a regular basis.

The Ostomy Check helps you stay engaged with your pouching routine, enabling you to check that your skin is still healthy and, if not, seek guidance and advice to get you on the right track. 

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