Shana is a SpeediCath® user who has received compensation from Coloplast to share her experience. Each person’s situation is unique so your experience may not be the same. Talk to your healthcare provider about whether this product is right for you.

SpeediCath® Compact Set is an all-in-one catheter and bag set that's instantly ready to use. 

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SpeediCath Compact Set is indicated for use by patients with chronic urine retention and patients with a post void residual volume (PVR) due to neurogenic and non-neurogenic voiding dysfunction. The catheter is inserted into the urethra to reach the bladder allowing urine to drain. There is a separate device intended for either females or males only. Rx Only. See the device manual for further information or, call Coloplast Corp. at 1-866-226-6362 and/or consult the company website at



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