At Coloplast, ostomy has been our commitment since 1957 when nurse Elise Sørensen invented the first ostomy bag for her sister with colon cancer. Today, we work with over 850 clinicians and nurses to inform every innovation, product or service. Now, Coloplast is a global leader in ostomy care.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Ostomy Care is the 2nd leading cause of 30-day readmission rates in the United States, second only to kidney transplants¹. Through product innovation and a comprehensive patient support program called Coloplast Care we have shown to reduce 30-day readmission rates by 30% and emergency room visits by 45% ².  

Coloplast® Care

To help improve ostomy patient outcomes and quality of life, we created Coloplast Care. A recent study found that 83 percent of patients say Coloplast Care improved their stoma-related quality of life.⁴

Enrolling in Coloplast Care is free and provides your patients with:

· Product and lifestyle support from a dedicated Ostomy Advisor

· Care Kits with product samples and information on their specific ostomy

· Clinician-validated education and online tools

· Product access coordination based on the patient’s insurance

· Self-assessments to help patients identify and address concerns


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  4. Coloplast Market Study, 2013, data on file.



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