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Every day at Coloplast we hear stories from people like you that inspire and amaze us. So much so, that we want to share these stories with others as a source of encouragement, celebration and connection.

Below are stories of people who have found that Coloplast products have enabled them to live a fuller life.

Meet Thomas

Meet Thomas

SpeediCath® Compact Set user

“The knowledge that I can care for myself has empowered me to live an independent life - the life that I want.”*

Thomas, SpeediCath® Compact Set user




After his accident, Thomas had to rely on other people to help him catheterize. With SpeediCath Compact Set, he's gotten back his independence.*

Once his initial rehab was over, Thomas was determined to get out and about and meet friends. The only issue was that his injury meant a caregiver, friend, or relative had to help him catheterize. “I couldn’t be spontaneous – it was like an anchorkeeping me down,” Thomas says.

From the start, Thomas preferred intermittent catheters and felt they offered more control than an indwelling product. But the problem was finding one he could open and use himself.“Fortunately, I was introduced to SpeediCath Compact Set by a friend at a rugby tournament with similar function, so I knew I could use it on my own,” he recalls. “I tried with the Dycem gripper and I could do it. It was exciting – to actually have it work and to know that I could do it made me happy.”

Thomas got his driver’s license around the same time that he started using SpeediCath Compact Set, and looking back he says that’s the time things started to turn around for him on a personal level. “Now, I don’t have to ask my friends or family to take time out of their day to come and help me,” he says. “The knowledge that I can care for myself hasempowered me to live an independent life – the life that I want.”

SpeediCath Compact Set is the only product Thomas has been able to self-catheterize with, and he’s particularly satisfied with its discreet size and hydrophilic coating, which eliminates the need to carry and apply additional lubricant. “The reason it’s so much easieris there are so few steps involved – you don’t have to lubricate it, or push throughthe bag. The catheter’s already out, so you just put it right in and you’re good to go,” he says.

“I’m able to store a lot in a smaller bag, which makes planning for day-to-day lifesimple, and I can bring more for longer travel. And beyond the size, the catheter itself is effortless to use – the handle is easy to grip and the bag is easy to manipulate.”

Since Thomas’ injury over a decade ago, he earned a Master’s degree and moved to California, where he lives a fully independent life. Apart from spending time with his partner, Thomas works fulltime for a digital healthcare company, enjoys sports and traveling, and has completed multiple marathons. And with SpeediCath Compact Set, he has found a product that is playing a key role in improving his quality of life.

“After 10 years, I’ve improved my process to be much cleaner and faster, and I no longer rely on any additional tools, like a Dycem gripper,” he says. “The ability to manage my bladder independently is a key factor in supporting the life I want to live.”




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*Thomas is a SpeediCath® Compact Set user who has received compensation from Coloplast to provide this information. Each person's situation is unique so your experience may not be the same. Talk to your healthcare provider about whether this product is right for you.

Meet Stephanie

Meet Stephanie

SenSura® Mio user

“My life started over after my ostomy surgery, and it became a blessing to me. It has given me my life back."

Stephanie, SenSura® Mio user




Like many ostomates, Stephanie struggled for years with a chronic illness. Prior to ostomy surgery, her life had been challenging, both physically and emotionally, and was heavily dictated by working around her condition. As much as she wanted to be active, her illness limited her energy and ability to embark on new adventures, even preventing her from getting up from the couch at times. “We always hear about chronic illness as it relates to pain or physical limitations. Not very often do we hear how it isolates you,” Stephanie tells us. “I have two children, a son and a daughter, and I felt I could not be fully present. I was always worried.” 

Feeling that she had little to lose, Stephanie decided at the age of 39 that it was time to take the plunge and have ostomy surgery… and she never looked back. Adjusting to life as an ostomate was, of course, not easy, but Stephanie's determination and resilience guided her. Soon she found that her life had transformed for the better. “My life started over after my ostomy surgery, and it became a blessing to me,” she says. “It has given me my life back.”

During her recovery, Stephanie’s nurses and doctors introduced her to a new world of ostomy care products. She found her perfect match in Coloplast's SenSura® Mio one-piece drainable pouching system, remarking how the pouch is “so discreet that no one has to know if you don't want them to.” SenSura Mio quickly became Stephanie’s trusted companion, allowing her to move freely, comfortably, and with confidence. The soft and flexible barrier moved with her body, enabling her to participate in activities she once thought were lost to her forever. Stephanie particularly loves how, even while running and swimming, her SenSura Mio pouching system feels secure and comfortable.

With her ostomy under control and the support of her loved ones, she began to regain her self-confidence. The fear of judgment from others slowly faded away as she embraced her new reality with pride.  Stephanie found a newfound joy on setting new goals for herself and decided to train for her first half marathon, which she completed in February of 2023. After that, she was hooked. She ran her second half marathon six months later, and now she’s training for her first full marathon coming up in February 2024. 

As Stephanie began documenting her half marathon training and her ostomy journey on her Instagram account @livinthatostomylife, she found that the online community was a lifesaver for her. She discovered a community that not only provided a space for her to vent about her frustrations on days when things were not going great, but also came together to celebrate each other’s successes as well. “Sharing my experience and helping other fellow ostomates is now part of my purpose,” she says. “I want to spread the word to others to have confidence and live life!”

Stephanie has continued to embrace every moment, good and bad, and encourages others to transform the daily challenges ostomates face into stepping stones toward growth and fulfillment. Stephanie keeps on #livingthatostomylife with joy, love, and the profound understanding that every setback could be an opportunity for a beautiful comeback.





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Each person's situation is unique so your experience may not be the same. Talk to your healthcare provider about whether this product is right for you.

Meet Hazel

Meet Hazel

Coloplast ostomy product user

“I realized I had no reason to hide my condition. In the end, I am not responsible for what other people think of me."

Hazel, Coloplast ostomy product user




Hazel was only 11 years old when a traffic accident punctured her intestines and forced doctors to perform a colostomy to save her life. "I spent 6 months in a coma and 1 full year in the hospital and although the doctors and my mom asked me to take my recovery slowly, I was determined to go back to school."

It was not easy, but Hazel achieved her goal and returned to school 3 months after her discharge. She knew that if she wanted to go back to school, she needed to be independent and learn to take care of her ostomy on her own. At the time, she also decided that she would not tell anyone that she was an ostomate, because it was extremely strange, and she did not want to be teased.

Although she carried her backpack full of dreams, on her first day at school, Hazel experienced a leak and had to figure out how to apologize and go home. A leak would not be cause Hazel to pause her studies, so armed with new determination, Hazel returned to school the next day.

From then on, nothing would stop Hazel's dreams, not the bullying from schoolmates who didn't understand why Hazel had certain rights that other students didn't, nor the medical setbacks that would put her in the hospital sometimes for several months, or even the exhaustion of working at night and studying during the day to be able to go to college. Almost 12 years after her accident, Hazel became an industrial engineer. Incredibly, Hazel kept her ostomy a secret the entire time. "No one ever noticed that I wore an ostomy bag under my clothes. I don't limit what I wear. My bag is super discreet, comfortable, and secure."  

Since her discharge from the hospital, Hazel had been using Coloplast bags. Hazel thinks having access to these products made a difference. "After several years of using Coloplast, I suddenly started receiving another brand of bags and immediately felt the difference in quality." In less than a month, Hazel returned to the hospital with ulcers all around the skin around her stoma. "The adhesive on the new pouch restricted my movement, and every time I moved it pulled on my skin, which ended up causing ulcers and infections." That experience taught Hazel that, with her experience and knowledge, she could advocate for the rights of other ostomates and help other members of the community with their concerns and their ostomy acceptance process.

"I realized I had no reason to hide my condition. In the end, I am not responsible for what other people think of me. I realized that I can help many people see that you can live happily, fulfilled, and do the things that you like to do normally. Our condition does not limit us, because it is not a disability."

After 26 years, Hazel finally realized that, in reality, her ostomy had not limited her aspirations, thus was born ¨Con una bolsa también se sueña (You can dream with a bag, too)¨ a page dedicated to the Spanish-speaking ostomate community, through which Hazel seeks to help and transmit the confidence that other ostomates need to be able to talk about their condition and live life on their own terms. Without a doubt, Hazel has lived life to the fullest, found love, had a son who is now 11 years old and worked as an industrial engineer in different medical equipment companies. 

Hazel is a woman like few others: She is a warrior, feisty, a dreamer, and committed to the ostomate community. Determined to continue being the best example that "you can dream with a bag, too." 


Hazel - Impararables


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Each person's situation is unique so your experience may not be the same. Talk to your healthcare provider about whether this product is right for you.


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