Now there’s an ostomy pouching system

for outward areas.

It can be difficult to find a pouching system to fit over hernias, bulges and curves. SenSura®  Mio Convex Flip is the first pouching system specially designed for people with an outward area. The curved star-shaped barrier is designed with BodyFit Technology to hug the outward area with less creasing and folding. 

Prior to use, refer to the product ‘Instructions for Use’ for intended use and relevant safety information.

SenSura®Mio Convex Flip

Click on parts of the pouching system to explore unique features

A filter you can trust
The unique SenSura Mio full-circle pre-filter provides greater protection against clogging.- Proven to reduce ballooning by up to 61%.
Designed with BodyFit Technology®
BodyFit Technology is our human centric approach to innovation. Dedicated to the development of solutions that fit securely to individual body shapes. Examples of BodyFit Technology in SenSura Mio Convex Flip are: The curved star-shape, fit zones and stability ring, all helping to - Increase the area of contact between the adhesive and the outward area
Curved Star-shaped baseplate
Fits snugly and securely over bulges, hernias and curves. The petals of the star-shape hug the outward area. - Helping to reduce wrinkles and folds
In-built stability ring
The ring stabilizes the center of the barrier. - Supports the stoma - Guides where to put pressure while fitting.
Integrated fit zones & elastic adhesive
The elastic adhesive and the fit zones at the center and outer rim of the barrier, provides extra flexibility where needed, for a better fit to body and body movements. Secures the baseplate during movement
Discrete gray pouch
The smooth neutral coloured all-textile material feels comfortable on the skin - Stays unnoticed under clothing even white.
Click on the circles, to discover the SenSura Mio Convex Flip features - specially designed to fit outward areas

There's a Mio for every body.

SenSura Mio Convex Flip completes the SenSura Mio range of pouching systems. The range is designed to fit
individual body shapes, whether you have a regular, inward or outward body profile. 

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2. Comparison of SenSura Mio Concave and standard flat appliance


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