Need help selecting a Coloplast product similar to what you use today?

The tool below can help you narrow down the choices based on what you’re currently using today.



  1. Select the name of the company who makes your current product from the drop down menu in the box at left.
  2. Enter the product number of your current product in the second box. (Product number can be found on the product itself or on the box in which you received it.) 
  3. Click on the Search button. 

You will receive between 1 and 3 suggestions for Coloplast products that might work for you. Please note that the best suggestions will come from speaking with a product specialist or from using the Body Check Tool if you are looking at Ostomy products. If you have questions or need more help please give us a call at 1-888-726-7872 to speak directly with a product specialist.  



This tool is for reference only. Always follow the advice of your healthcare provider. When attempting to move from a different brand to a Coloplast product, it is important to realize that such a transition often cannot be made with a perfect one-to-one match. Thus, more than one option should be considered and all product features must be reviewed. SpeediCath catheters are available by prescription only.


If you have questions regarding Coloplast products, call 1-888-726-7872 to speak to a Coloplast product specialist.


Finally, always consult your health care provider about which products are right for you. 


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