*Coloplast has compensated Kevan, SpeediCath® Flex Coudé user, to share his product experience.  Each person’s situation is unique so your experience may not be the same.  Talk to your healthcare provider about whether this product is right for you.

The new flexible coudé catheter for men!

The new SpeediCath® Flex Coudé was designed for use in difficult male anatomies and to make cathing easier for coudé users.  One of the main values at Coloplast is closeness…to better understand.  By building relationships and listening to our consumers we’re able to better understand their needs, and respond by finding new ways to do things better together.  We designed SpeediCath® Flex Coudé to give catheter users a safe and easy-to-use solution that fits into everyday life.  

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Key benefits and features

We designed SpeediCath® Flex Coudé to give catheter users a safe and easy-to-use solution that fits into everyday life. 


Soft-squeeze grip

The soft-squeeze grip enables positioning of the catheter tip for safe guidance into the urethra and control during catheterization - without touching the tip.  Softly squeezing the grip pauses the movement of the catheter.


Soft catheter

The softness of the catheter tube makes it easy to handle and enables safe and gentle passage through the urethra.



After use, the protective grip and drainage end can be joined again.  This enables hygienic handling by keeping any residual liquid locked within the catheter.


The sleeve enables insertion of the catheter without touching the catheter tube.  While the catheter has the unique SpeediCath® hydrophilic coating for smooth passage, the sleeve is dry so it can be gripped and handled in a clean and hygienic manner.

Flexible tip

The soft bead at the tip centers the catheter in the urethra for a smooth insertion.  The flexible top section enables easy guidance through curves and bends.

Convenient Packaging

The packaging is designed to be easy-to-open and has a neutral color for a less medical feel.  After use, the re-closed catheter can be returned to the packaging.  The packaging can then be closed and folded for discreet disposal.

Important Safety Information

SpeediCath® catheters are prescribed for use by pediatric patients (neonates to age 21) and adults who require bladder drainage due to chronic urine retention or post void residual volume (PVR). Before use, carefully read all of the instructions. Call your doctor if you think you have a UTI or can't pass the catheter into the bladder. For more information regarding risks, potential complications and product support, call Coloplast Corp. at 1-866-226-6362 and/or consult the company website at www.coloplast.us.


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