Less struggle. More living. Coloplast® Care.

Coloplast Care for Patients

Nurse-directed support making your life easier

Coloplast Care is a nurse-directed program dedicated to making life easier for people living with intimate healthcare needs and the healthcare professionals to support them 

Support and education when you need it

Coloplast Care is a personal support program meant to extend the help and education you get from your health care provider. You will get access to inspirational and relevant information and support. Care is available when you need it- whether it's through our online educational articles or by phone with our dedicated team of advisors and specialists. 

  • Personal relevant news, tips and stories on e-mail 
  • Reliable advice online, whenever you need it
  • Access to a team of Product Advisors and Specialists available by phone
  • Opportunities to sample and try new products


Coloplast Care for Healthcare Professionals

Support and education when your patient needs it.

  • Coloplast provides product samples and tools to assist your patients in their transition
  • Dedicated support to help with your patients clinical and non-clinical needs
  • Support in finding the right supplier for your patient's product and insurance needs
  • Gives your patients access to monthly wellness education addressing lifestyle issues

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