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Bladder and Bowel products and solutions

There are many different reasons why you, or someone close to you, may need to pay special attention to managing your bladder and/or bowels. This section is a resource where you can explore available options to meet your individual healthcare needs. Bowel and bladder issues can be managed. Based on your specific needs there is information about how to choose the right product, how to use the product and how to order a free sample- there’s information here to help! 

This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to substitute for professional Medical advice and should not be interpreted to contain treatment recommendations. You should rely on the healthcare professional who knows your individual history for personal medical advice and diagnosis.

Introducing SpeediCath® Flex Coudé

The new flexible coudé tip catheter is here! The unique water-drop shaped flexible tip allows for gentle guidance through curves and bends and the dry-sleeve can be gripped and handled cleanly allowing for hygienic insertion of the catheter without touching the catheter tube. The new SpeediCath® Flex Coudé was designed to make cathing easier for coudé users. 

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