Welcome to US Medical Affairs at Coloplast

Our Medical Affairs team is new to US Coloplast. As such, we are excited to bring you information about research and scientific exchange and will continue to develop content.

Scientific Topics in:

External Research Program

This ERP program offers support for research, ranging from financial to functional resources, depending upon the proposed projected needs.

This program includes a project proposal evaluation by the External Research Program Board. Evaluations will be based on business need, scientific merit, and resources requested.

If you have a research proposal, please follow the link below.

For the FY21/22, we strive to expand our clinical knowledge regarding:

  • Clinical benefits of SpeediCath® catheters
  • Importance of BodyFit Technology, including clinical benefits of elastic adhesive, convexity, and concave products (Convex Flip)
  • Peristeen® Transanal Irrigation System Impact for the Adult Neurogenic Bowel Patient
  • Assessment of additional needs of our products

Contact Medical Affairs at usmedicalaffairs@coloplast.com


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