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Because proper fit and application are important, we suggest you take a look at our video guides and application FAQs to ensure you have the best experience with your male external catheter samples.

How to apply a Male external catheter (MEC)

How to apply a Male external catheter (MEC)

Watch how to apply a MEC

How to apply a Male external catheter (MEC)


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FAQs about Male External Catheters

Are you having troubles finding the right size or understanding how to apply a male external catheter? Get solutions to possible issues with our FAQs and troubleshooting guide Read more FAQs and view guide

FAQs on Troubleshooting Male External Catheters (MEC)


Q: My male external catheter falls off or does not stay on

A: If your MEC doesn't stay on, it could be caused by a few things. First, ensure that you are using the correct size MEC by downloading, printing and using our sizing guide. The wrong size can impact your experience with MECs, so it's important to find the right fit. Make sure you don't have extra material at the base of the penis. This could mean that the catheter is too long. You should make sure that the catheter fits securely to the shaft of your penis with no extra space or material. If it doesn't, it could also be that the circumference of the catheter is too large. Also, be sure to use a MEC made of 100% silicone.

Q: Can I use oil or cream based products on my penis before application?

A: No. These products may interfere with the adhesive of the MEC and could cause it to fall off. Instead, cleanse the penis with warm soap and water before applying the MEC. You should not apply any lanolin, oils, or cream based products prior to MEC application.

Q: I use a latex MEC product. Why would I use a MEC made of another material? 

A latex MEC may not adhere as properly as other MECs made of different material. An MEC of 100% silicone allows the skin to breathe which may reduce skin moisture build up making it easier for the MEC to stay on.

Q: What if the connector from my urine bag to my MEC causes leakage?

First, make sure that the connector is fully advanced into the tip of the catheter. If the connector is attached correctly, the tip of the catheter may twist and turn which may cause leakage. It may also cause the tip of the catheter to be pinched which could mean urine is unable to drain in the leg bag and therefore "backflows" into the catheter also causing leakage.

Q: Why is the skin at the tip of my penis red? 

Check to see that the penis is not placed too far into the reservoir section of the catheter. If the penis is advanced too far down, twisting and turning of the catheter tip could cause skin abrasion and possible exposure to the connector.


See below for more troubleshooting tips

Troubleshooting Male External Catheters

Problem Possible Issue Suggestion  General Info

Male external catheter

does not stay on

Improper sizing


length or both)

Use product specific measuring to determine proper fit

• Circumference – determine correct mm size

• Length – determine correct length(standard or sport)

Improper fit (length or circumference) can interfere with proper application of catheter.

• Length too long = excess material sitting at base of penis and during daily movement or retraction issues,the catheter may roll off

• Circumference too large = can leave excess material wrinkles allowing urine to leak back up shaft and loosen adhesive

Male external catheter

does not stay on

Use of lanolin, oil or cream based products Do not apply any lanolin, oils or cream based products to the genital area Oils, creams and lotions can interfere with the adhesive properties and result in the catheter falling off

Male external catheter

does not stay on

Latex MEC product Use MEC made of 100% silicone 100% silicone allows the skin to breathe which may reduce skin moisture build-up resulting in optimal contact and performance.
Catheter has wrinkles Improper sizing(circumference) Use measuring guide to determine proper “circumference” fit The recommendation is to adjust the size.
Catheter/catheter tip torques Connector not fully advanced into catheter tip Ensure that urine collection tubing/connector is fully advanced into the catheter tip Incomplete advancement of connector into catheter tip allows twisting and turning of the catheter tip. Potential for urine back flow due to pinching of tip and may result in the disconnection resulting in accidental urine leakage


Skin Issues

Problem Possible Issue Suggestion General Info
Skin at tip of penis is red Penis advanced too far into the reservoir of catheter Review application diagram of proper placement of penis within catheter Penis placed too far into reservoir section of catheter leaves it open to possible abrasion of the twisting & turning of the tip of the catheter and possible exposure to the connector.
Skin at tip of penis is red Improper application

Ensure that the penis properly placed within the catheter

• Never too far down into the reservoir

• Never too far up, leaving a lot of excess (floppy) catheter material at tip of penis

Improper application may result in the penis coming too close to the connector within the catheter tip
Skin on shaft of penis is red Allergic reaction Individuals with allergies may prefer to apply a skin barrier product to the skin prior to application of the MEC A barrier offers a shield to prevent the adhesive from actually touching the skin.
Skin on shaft of penis is red Improper sizing

Use measuring guide to determine proper fit

• Circumference – determine correct mm size

• Length – determine correct length(standard or sport)

Catheters that are not properly sized can lead to skin issues

• Too small – skin is being constricted, lack of blood flow

• Too big (circumference) – leaves excess material causing wrinkles in catheter allowing urine to flow back and irritate skin

• Too long – urine can pool at tip of catheter and eventually work its way back up the shaft of the penis, irritating the skin


Guide to applying Conveen® Optima male external catheters

Read and view a guide for applying male external catheters. Read and view guide

Applying a Male external catheter

How to apply a Conveen® Optima male external catheter and leg bag

Note:These are abbreviated instructions. Before using this product, carefully read the product labeling. Do not use if the product or package is damaged. The product below shows a single-use device.



Applying the male external catheter


Use the sizing guide to ensure a proper fit of the Male external catheter

Always measure for correct size

(both circumference and length with

appropriate measuring guide for specific product)

Opening the male external catheter Flip open the pack using your thumb nail to break the seal.
remove catheter from package

Remove the catheter from the package and place it over the head of the penis.
Leave a small space between the end of the penis and the narrow catheter outlet.

Uncircumcised users should leave the foreskin in place over the head of the penis.

male external catheter application

Pull the double grip strip to slowly unroll the catheter

all the way up the length of the penis. The catheter should unroll smoothly and evenly.

squeeze catheter to apply

Gently squeeze the catheter around the shaft of the penis (approx. 1 min.)

to ensure a secure fit. To reduce the risk of skin irritation, allow the skin

on the penis to breathe for short periods in between male external catheter changes.


Connecting the Urine Bag

Connecting the MEC to the Urine bag Connect a urine collecting bag to the catheter by fully inserting the tubing connector into the external catheter outlet. Push together firmly for a secure connection.


Removing the male external catheter

Removing the male external catheter Removal is easy and painless. The catheter can be removed by detaching the catheter from the urine bag connector and carefully rolling it off the penis. If you need to, use warm soapy water to help remove the catheter. It can then be disposed of in the trash, with general household waste. Finish by washing your hands. Change the male external catheter everyday and change the bag according to recommendations from your healthcare professional.


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