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Coloplast® Care Program Description and Terms of Enrollment for people with an ostomy

Coloplast® Care is an ostomy patient support program designed to provide support for ostomy patients in two distinct phases. Phase I relates to individualized engagement support, initiated typically within the first three months following ostomy surgery. In Phase II ostomates are provided with on-going online and email support for living well in the community - for as long as enrolled ostomates desire to receive that educational information from Coloplast.

Coloplast® Care Phase I incorporates active engagement with a dedicated Coloplast® Care Advisor, including direct phone support with information and guidance about ostomy care, proper use of Coloplast ostomy products, support locating a product supplier, as well as information regarding product reimbursement. Phase I of Coloplast® Care also includes:

  1. A welcome kit that includes a welcome letter, ostomy product samples including ‘Instructions for Use’, a handy travel bag, accessory samples and brochures, a marking pen, medical scissors, a mirror, and a stoma measuring guide.
  2. Personalized emails with relevant information, articles, tips and advice, that address ostomates’ needs with inspirational stories, and answers to lifestyle-related questions.

The transition into Phase II occurs when each ostomate has become more independent and confident with his or her ostomy product and daily routines. Phase II is designed to provide on-going relevant information and support via email contact for each stage in the ostomy journey. Personalized emails contain Coloplast® Care website links to articles, advice, inspirational stories, and answers to lifestyle questions that may be of interest.


By enrolling in Coloplast® Care, independently or through my health care provider, I agree that Coloplast may contact me by phone (including my cell phone if that is the number I provided), text message (sms), e-mail, hard copy letter, or other means of communication but only for the purposes referred to above. I also give Coloplast my permission to interact with my healthcare provider or product supplier in connection with the support I receive through Coloplast® Care.

I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time if I do not want to receive communication from Coloplast related to my participation in the Coloplast® Care program any longer. I understand that to unsubscribe, I may call Coloplast at 1-888-726-7872 or I may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email I receive through the Coloplast® Care program.

Last Updated 9/21/2020


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