Ostomy resources for clinicians 

At Coloplast, ostomy has been our commitment since 1957 when nurse Elise Sørensen invented the first ostomy bag for her sister with colon cancer. Her passion to help others inspired her to go to great lengths to find a solution. Today, passion is still our driver as we work with over 850 clinicians and nurses to inform every innovation, product or service. Now, Coloplast is the global leader in ostomy care (35-40% market share) and considered the most innovative medical equipment company two years in a row.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Ostomy Care is the 2nd leading cause of 30-day readmission rates in the United States, second only to kidney transplants. Through product innovation and a comprehensive patient support program called Coloplast Care we have proven to reduce 30-day readmission rates by 30% and ER visits by 45%.2

BodyFit Technology


Coloplast has focused on human-centric innovation, meaning we design our products with real bodies in mind. This concept of developing unique solutions to tackles specific body profile-relevant challenges, which we call BodyFit Technology, is the common platform on which our individual SenSura® Mio and Brava® products are built. BodyFit Technology enables our products to fit individual bodies and follow body movements as the wearer bends and moves throughout the day.


BodyFit with SenSura Mio®

BodyFit Technology within SenSura Mio is already having a positive impact on users’ lives. SenSura Mio appliances have various features with BodyFit Technology. For instance, the elastic adhesive found in all SenSura Mio appliances are made from a special blend of hydrocolloids and polymers that together with a special top film gives it twice the stretch of a conventional appliance, so it fits individual body shapes and follows body movements. 93 percent of nurses evaluated SenSura® Mio Convex’s fit to the body as “very good” or “good.”2

Our Ostomy portfolio

Not only does Coloplast help individuals with personalized solutions, but we also work with clinicians to understand their needs. Clinicians decide what’s clinically appropriate, and we ensure they have a robust portfolio that doesn’t compromise care.

Coloplast® Care

Coloplast Care is the connector that helps patients transition from confusion to confidence. It is the only manufacturer-provided patient support program with better patient outcomes, supported by peer-reviewed published data. A recent study found that 83 percent of patients say Coloplast Care improved their stoma-related quality of life.4

Through Coloplast Care, we provide your patients with:

  • Individualized connections to quality of life guidance and community support, with product access coordination from a patient-focused Ostomy Advisor.
  • Personalized, clinician-validated education, including online tools.
  • Routine ostomy self-assessments to help patients identify and address concerns.

  • Care Kit with customized information on their specific ostomy and tools, with product if needed.


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