Pelvic Organ Prolapse

While pelvic organ prolapse is often asymptomatic, as a progressive condition, many women find themselves seeking treatment in later stages. Fortunately, there are a number of surgical and non-surgical options available to treat pelvic prolapse. The choice of treatment depends on many factors, including the type of prolapse, the severity of the symptoms, the patient's age, and of course personal preference. Before a course of treatment is chosen, all options, approaches, risks, benefits, and success rates of each treatment should be considered and discussed with the patient. 

Coloplast offers a broad portfolio of surgical options. Keeping many options available means surgeons can work with their patients in choosing which may be the best option for them. 

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Restorelle Y

Restorelle Smartmesh Technology reshaped for ease of use.

Ultra-lightweight mesh for more tissue in-growth. Ease of surgical handling and orientation Learn more

Restorelle Y is the leading mesh for sacrocolpopexy and it is easy to understand why. It utilizes Smartmesh technology - backed by scientific and clinical data - to encourage tissue healing and collagen ingrowth. Restorelle is still the lightest weight mesh on the market. Restorelle Y has low memory which enables optimal intraoperative handling. Hydrophilic properties allow mesh to drape and contour easily to vaginal structures.

Restorelle Y is indicated for use as a bridging material for sacrocolposuspension / sacrocolpopexy (laparotomy, laparoscopic, or robotic approach) where surgical treatment for vaginal vault prolapse is warranted.

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Reimbursement Info

Reimbursement Info

Coding and reimbursement resources to make the paperwork a little easier for you while you make patients' lives a little easier for them. Read more


The coding reference guides below are intended to illustrate the common coding and payment for female pelvic health procedures and concomitant repairs.

Hospital Coding Guide

Physician and Ambulatory Surgery Center Coding Guide

These documents are for informational use only, are general in nature, and do not cover all payers' rules or policies. This information was obtained from third party sources and is subject to change without notice as a result of changes in reimbursement regulations and payer policies. These documents represent no promise or guarantee by Coloplast regarding coverage or payment for products or procedures by CMS or other payers. Providers are responsible for reporting the codes that most accurately describe the patient's medical condition, procedures performed and products used. Providers should check Medicare bulletins, manuals, program memoranda, and Medicare guidelines to ensure compliance with Medicare requirements. Inquiries should be directed to the appropriate other payer for non-Medicare coverage situations.

Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Coloplast educational programs provide forums where physicians can interact with leading physicians in Gynecology, Urology and Urogynecology while enhancing their knowledge of pelvic floor prolapse and urinary incontinence. Learn more

Coloplast hosts numerous physician education programs throughout the United States.


Surgical Skills Workshops: One-day workshops that consist of didactic lectures as well as hands-on cadaver labs covering Female Pelvic Health surgical procedures and products.

One on One Programs: Choose from a variety of expert physicians in gynecology, urology and urogynecology to learn one on one about our products and best practices for how to use them.


If you are interested in participating in a Coloplast educational program, please email us a

Patient Education

Patient Education

A fully informed decision is the best decision. Nothing can take the place of a your discussions with your patients, but we can support you as you guide patients' treatment paths. Connect to resources

Coloplast has many educational resources available for you to use with patients. Many resources are available online for easy access. Hard copies of brochures can obtained by contacting your Coloplast representative.

  • Patient information on can be accessed to learn about specific female pelvic health conditions, pelvic anatomy, a wide variety of treatment options available, and what to expect. Women can read about products specific to Coloplast that may be used in their procedure.
  • is a general women's pelvic health site sponsored by Coloplast with non-product specific information on anatomy, pelvic organ prolapse, stress urinary incontinence, and the many treatment options. Women can find stories from other women like them.
  • The Restorelle Y Patient Education Brochure and other patient brochures and educational resources can be ordered through your Coloplast Representative.
  • Click here to refer to the FDA recommendations on communicating with your patients prior to a mesh implant.

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