Testicular replacement

Testicular prosthetics aid in the restoration of a normal physical appearance for patients with one or more missing testicles. Read more


1. Clinical data reported within the device labeling.

Look better, feel better, restore natural appearance

For people missing one or both testicles, testicular prosthesis aids can restore a natural appearance. The weight, shape and soft texture of the aids are designed to mimic natural testicles, and have high levels of patient satisfaction.(1)

Testicular implants are available from Coloplast for males of all ages who have lost or will lose a testicle. 



Saline-filled testicular prosthesis

Saline-filled testicular prosthesis

Learn more about our saline-filled testicular prosthesis

The Torosa saline-filled testicular prosthesis is the only FDA-approved testicular implant for adults and children who experience:

  • Congenital anarchism
  • Monorchism
  • Cryptorchidism
  • Orchiectomy Prolonged testicular torsion resulting in death of a testicle
  • Other conditions or procedures

The cosmetic benefits provided by testicular prostheses have been reported by numerous investigators to lead to psychological benefits and high levels of patient satisfaction.

Learn more about the Torosa saline-filled testicular prosthesis 


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