Health economics

The importance of economics in continence care

To provide the best possible products within budgetary limits, healthcare providers need to look at the total cost of continence care. Costs and benefits in continence care

The importance of economics in continence care

The primarily goal for healthcare systems is to improve health. However, most healthcare institutions operate with annual budgets that focus primarily on larger patient groups than those requiring continence care. This increases the risk that people requiring continence care have to settle for low-cost interventions.

The total cost of treatment

The cost of continence care includes not just the unit cost of given products, but also the cost of health complication over time. This makes it critical to look at total cost of treatment, in order to provide the best product within a given certain budget range.

In the field of continence care, Coloplast creates value by reducing the number of complications – meaning fewer hospitalizations, lower overall medical costs as well as better quality of life for patients.


Why choose Coloplast continence products?

At Coloplast, we listen carefully in order to better understand needs. This is how we constantly develop new and better ways to do things and bring the best ideas to market. Our goal is to make a real difference to people’s lives. Choosing Coloplast continence products

User driven innovation since 1954

People with continence problems and healthcare professionals still face significant challenges every day. To solve them, we work closely with both groups of people to find better solutions.


User-driven innovation

To understand the daily routines and challenges people with a catheter, leg bag, Male External Catheter,or irrigation system experience, our R&D staff visit them and observe their daily activities and routines closely. This process helps us to understand their challenges and translate their needs into effective solutions.


Listening and responding since 1954

Working closely with healthcare professionals and the people who use our products is nothing new at Coloplast. In fact, the way we work today started in 1954. Elise Sørensen was a community nurse. Her sister Thora had just had a stoma operation and was afraid to go out, fearing that her stoma might leak in public. So Elise created the world’s first adhesive stoma bag, giving Thora – and thousands of people like her – the chance to enjoy life again. Her idea was a simple solution with great significance. 


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