Female Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence, whether caused by urethral hypermobility, intrinsic sphincter disorder, or an overactive bladder is a significant health and quality-of-life concern for women around the world. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of treatment options available. The most appropriate type of procedure will depend on the type and severity of the patient’s incontinence.

Coloplast offers a broad portfolio of treatment options so physicians and patients can work together to determine the best course of treatment for each individual situation.

All options should be discussed with the patient to determine which may be the best option for them.
Read more about Coloplast’s treatment options for stress urinary incontinence. 

Altis Single Incision Sling

Precise Placement. Proven Sling Material. Dynamic Adjustability. Altis allows for a less invasive approach for transobturator placement. Consistent placement with less mesh left behind. Meet the next generation in mini slings. Learn more

Even Less is More

The Altis single incision sling is an innovative next generation technology from Coloplast. Altis is both less invasive at implant and leaves less mesh behind, but is based on the proven product legacy of the Aris TO and Supris RP Systems. Altis provides ease of use and reproducibility based on the introducer, anchors and sling material. The dynamic adjustability of the sling allows for accurate tensioning and placement of the sling in relation to the urethra. Like Aris and Supris, Altis is a low elasticity sling. Low elasticity and secure anchoring means what you see is what you get - taking the guess-work out of tensioning and placement, positioning the sling without compression under the urethra.

With Altis even less is more.

The Altis Single Incision Sling System is indicated for adult women in the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence (SUI) resulting from urethral hypermobility and/or intrinsic sphincter deficiency (ISD).

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Altis Clinical Results 12 Month IDE Clinical Study Summary: Altis was the first single incision sling to complete an Investigational Device Study prior to market availability. Learn more about how Altis can make a difference in the lives of patients. See Results

The IDE clinical study of the Altis Single Incision Sling System is a prospective, single arm, non-randomized study. Study was conducted at 17 clinical sites in women with confirmed SUI, with follow-up through 2 years. 112 female subjects with SUI were successfully implanted with the Altis device. Outcomes data is below.

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Outcomes Data

Endpoint Measurement 6 Months 12 Months
Pad Weight (PW)    50% Reduction    85.4% (88/103)    90.1% (91/101)   
Cough Stress Test (CST)    % Success in both standing &    
lithotomy positions
92.2% (95/103)    90.1% (91/101)  
Patient Global Impression of    
Improvement (PG-I) 
% Very much or much better    87.6% (92/105)    89.3% (92/103
But Do the Anchors Hold? But Do the Anchors Hold? It is one of the first questions from those who have used other mini slings. View the study

Altis Rabbit Model Evaluation

Altis has been evaluated in rabbit models evaluating the pull out forces compared to other single incision slings. Altis shows favorable results compared to currently marketed slings in the push in and pull out forces. And helical-type introducers mean reproducible placement for secure anchoring time after time.


 Download a PDF of the poster abstract presented at EAU 2011 by Dr. Ervin Kocjancic.



Supris: Experience the difference. Supris is less dense, less elastic, resulting in less banding for more predictability and accuracy when tensioning. Learn more

Less is More

The Supris sling is light. In fact, it is the lightest and thinnest on the market1 which means less material implanted. The Supris sling closely mimics the low elasticity closely mimics natural collagen fibers and prevents cording or banding and promotes accuracy in placement and ease of tensioning.

The Supris Retropubic Sling System is an implantable, sub-urethral, support tape for adult women indicated for the surgical treatment of all types of stress urinary incontinence (SUI), for female urinary incontinence resulting from urethral hypermobility and/or intrinsic sphincter deficiency. The sling is placed retropubically using two disposable introducers using either a “top down” or “bottom up” surgical approach.

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Aris: Simplified. Safe. Effective. Less dense. Less Elastic. More Predictability in tensioning. Experience the difference. Learn more

Less is More

The Aris sling is light. In fact, it is the lightest and thinnest on the market1 which means less material implanted. The Supris sling closely mimics the low elasticity closely mimics natural collagen fibers and prevents cording or banding and promotes accuracy in placement and ease of tensioning.

Aris is an implantable, suburethral, support tape for adults indicated for the surgical treatment of all types of stress urinary incontinence (SUI), for female urinary incontinence resulting from urethral hypermobility and/or intrinsicsphincter deficiency.

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Aris Clinical Results Low elasticity is something you will not find in other slings. So what does that mean in a clinical setting? Learn more

Aris Transobturator Sling System has been on the market since 2005. Aris is a minimally invasive sling that offers high success and low complications. Based on the slings low elasticity it allows for easy tensioning and positioning of the sling.


Download a PDF of "Aris Transobturator Sling: Three Years Follow-Up" poster by Saad Juma and C. Gilberto Brito



Effective. Permanent. Non-immunogenic. Injectable bulking agent made from pyrolytic carbon-coated beads for use both in periurethral and transurethral approaches. Learn more

Effective. Permanent. Non-immunogenic.

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the brief involuntary leakage of urine due to effort or exertions such as sneezing or coughing. SUI has two principal causes: urethral hypermobility and weakness of the urethral sphincter; a condition known as intrinsic sphincter deficiency (ISD).

For women with ISD, injection therapy provides a relatively low-risk and minimally invasive treatment option. Durasphere EXP is composed of pyrolytic carbon coated beads suspended in a water-based carrier gel containing beta glucan.

Durasphere EXP is indicated for use in the treatment of adult women with stress urinary incontinence due to intrinsic sphincter deficiency.


BoNee Bladder Injection Needle

Reliable and Accurate BoNee bladder injection needle for precise placement and delivery Learn more

Reliable and Accurate

The Coloplast BoNee bladder injection needle, developed in partnership with doctors, is designed to deliver low viscosity medication exactly where it is intended.
Reliable and accurate:

  • 4 mm tip needle designed to optimize volume injected
  • Protection cap to prevent damage
  • Small needle size to reduce bleeding, tissue damage and pain
  • Two available sizes to meet your needs
  • Flexible and strong body

The Bonee needle is used to deliver injectable materials into the urinary bladder wall during the transurethral endoscopic procedures.


More information: Reimbursement, Education, and Patient Information

Reimbursement Info Reimbursement Info Coding and reimbursement resources to make the paperwork a little easier for you while you make patients' lives a little easier for them. Read more


The coding reference guides below are intended to illustrate the common coding and payment for female pelvic health procedures and concomitant repairs.

2013 Hospital Coding Guide

2013 Physician and Ambulatory Surgery Center Coding Guide

These documents are for informational use only, are general in nature, and do not cover all payers' rules or policies. This information was obtained from third party sources and is subject to change without notice as a result of changes in reimbursement regulations and payer policies. These documents represent no promise or guarantee by Coloplast regarding coverage or payment for products or procedures by CMS or other payers. Providers are responsible for reporting the codes that most accurately describe the patient's medical condition, procedures performed and products used. Providers should check Medicare bulletins, manuals, program memoranda, and Medicare guidelines to ensure compliance with Medicare requirements. Inquiries should be directed to the appropriate other payer for non-Medicare coverage situations.

Patient Education Patient Education A fully informed decision is the best decision. Nothing can take the place of a your discussions with your patients, but we can support you as you guide patients' treatment path. Connect to resources

Coloplast has many educational resources available for you to use with patients. Many resources are available online for easy access. Hard copies of brochures can obtained by contacting your Coloplast representative.

  • Patient information on coloplast.us can be accessed to learn about specific female pelvic health conditions, pelvic anatomy, a wide variety of treatment options available, and what to expect. Women can read about products specific to Coloplast that may be used in their procedure.
  • PelvicHealthID.com is a general women's pelvic health site sponsored by Coloplast with non-product specific information on anatomy, pelvic organ prolapse, stress urinary incontinence, and the many treatment options. Women can find stories from other women like them.
  • The Altis Patient Education brochure PDF can be downloaded here (6MB).  Printed versions of this and other patient brochures and educational resources can be ordered through your Coloplast Representative.
  • Click here to refer to the FDA recommendations on communicating with your patients prior to a mesh implant.
Educational Opportunities Educational Opportunities Coloplast educational programs provide forums where physicians can interact with leading physicians in Gynecology, Urology and Urogynecology while enhancing their knowledge of pelvic floor prolapse and urinary incontinence. Learn more

Coloplast hosts numerous physician education programs throughout the United States.


Surgical Skills Workshops: One-day workshops that consist of didactic lectures as well as hands-on cadaver labs covering Female Pelvic Health surgical procedures and products.

One on One Programs: Choose from a variety of expert physicians in gynecology, urology and urogynecology to learn one on one about our products and best practices for how to use them.


If you are interested in participating in a Coloplast educational program, please email us a femalepelvichealth@coloplast.com


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