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Ostomy resources to help support your patients

Get a useful overview of tools, materials, programs and products that you can use to help support your ostomy patients.

Support right from the start

Easily enroll your patients in a Nurse Validated program

Easily enroll your patients in a Nurse Validated program

Coloplast Care is the connector that helps patients transition from confusion to confidence. Coloplast Care is the only manufacturer-provided patient support program with better patient outcomes supported by peer-reviewed published data. Learn more about Care

Support right from the start

Adjusting to life with an ostomy can be challenging, both emotionally and physically. Can I swim? Use a hot tub? Run a marathon? Go to the grocery store? All of these questions - and countless more - arise on a daily basis, and the way people tackle these challenges very much depends on their personal situation and individual resources.

At Coloplast, we offer support for people with an ostomy to help ensure the best possible use of our products and a smooth transition back to everyday life after stoma surgery. We offer lifestyle advice as well as practical and emotional support when it’s needed.

  • Product samples and tools to assist patients in their transition
  • Dedicated support to help with clinical and non-clinical needs
  • Support in finding the right supplier for your patient's product and insurance needs
  • Ongoing wellness education addressing lifestyle issues

Visit to enroll your patients in Care and extend your care for a lifetime.

Robin's Story: A Coloplast Care experience

Robin's Story: A Coloplast Care experience

"I got to dance at my daughter's wedding": Robin -- an ileostomate -- shares her Coloplast Care experience.

Watch Robin's story

Robin's Story: A Coloplast Care experience

*These patient testimonials demonstrate successful results. Individual results may vary. Speak with your healthcare professional to determine what product solution is right for you.


Clinical tools to support your patients

Assessing quality of life in ostomy patients

Assessing quality of life in ostomy patients

The Stoma Quality of Life tool (Stoma-QoL) is a simple, validated questionnaire that can be used to measure quality of life in people with a stoma – and identify the issues that may cause anxiety or concern. Stoma Quality of Life tool

Assessing quality of life in ostomy patients

People with an ostomy can have many concerns – fear of leakage, embarrassment about their body, worries about becoming a burden to family and friends. When these concerns stop people from doing the things they enjoy, it puts their quality of life at risk.

With the Stoma-QoL tool, healthcare professionals now have a standard and a common language with which to assess quality of life for people with a stoma. You can use the tool to monitor quality of life over time in the same person – or compare quality of life between patients.

Stoma-QoL is:

  • Specifically designed for people with a stoma – all questions are based on input from people with a stoma
  • Validated – tested in representative ostomy populations in different countries
  • Reliable – weighted to emphasize the issues that are most critical to the respondent’s quality of life
  • Cross-cultural – translated into 16 languages
  • Simple – the questionnaire only takes 5–10 minutes to complete

Download the tool:


















Support materials for your patients

Support materials for your patients

At Coloplast, we support healthcare professionals with easy-to-use tools for your patients. See patient stoma tools here

Support materials for your patients

Support materials can help your patients in their daily life with an ostomy. These materials can be given to your patients to read and use at home or discuss with you.

Understanding body profile is first step towards a better fit
With Coloplast’s BodyCheck tool, you and your patient can find recommendations on how to get an optimal fit between individual body profile and pouching system. There are eight easy steps to go through.

Helpful patient information
These brochures contain helpful information about life with a stoma:



Body Profile Terminology

Coloplast’s Body Profile Terminology aims to define a common language for healthcare professionals and people with a stoma to use when describing the peristomal body profile. Peristomal body profile

Body Profile Terminology

No two bodies are the same. When choosing stoma appliances, the key to ensuring a good fit and reliable system is being able to know and describe the peristomal area accurately.

To make it easier for healthcare professionals and people with a stoma to describe and agree on a peristomal body profile, Coloplast has developed a common ‘language’. This set of terms, which we call our Body Profile Terminology, has been developed together with nurses and patient focus groups worldwide.

Find out more in the online BodyCheck tool.


Home Skills Program and e-learning

Coloplast has supported an Educational Grant to the American College of Surgeons to create educational content for new ostomy patients.

Encourage your patients to complete the e-learning modules in preparation for their surgery. These modules include a walk through of how to measure, cut and apply the pouches, as well as emptying and removal. Other topics include pouching systems, home management lifestyle topics, and problem solving. Patients may use these links to sign up for the free e-learning modules, and may print a certificate of completion as well!

Home Skills Program for Colostomy/Ileostomy Patients >

Home Skills Program for Urostomy Patients >

American College of Surgeons links and information used by permission.


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